Fabric Sample Box | Full Line

Fabric Sample Box | Full Line


Fabric Samples Full Line

The Full Line sample box contains samples of all 70 fabrics in the line. So dive in and splash about. A mini vacation in a box!

70 samples in total.

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Fabric Samples Full Line


Madcap Cottage Fabrics

Welcome to the Madcap Cottage fabric collections! All of the fabrics in the line are based upon John’s original paintings and sketches and printed in North Carolina. Madcap Cottage fabrics are beautifully rendered in either 100% cotton or a sumptuous cotton/linen mix (45% cotton/55% linen). Says John, “As Jason Oliver and I travel the world, I break out my watercolor sketchbook and start painting—whether in the walled garden at design icon Nancy Lancaster’s walled garden at her Kelmarsh Hall estate in Northamptonshire, England or in a color-packed bazaar in Jaipur, India with the heady scent of spices filling the air.

Our goal is to capture these far-flung ‘moments’ in relaxed, timeless textiles that bring our adventures home.” Think sophisticated. Fresh. Inviting. Never trend driven but always on trend. Notes Jason Oliver, “None of the fabrics in the Madcap Cottage line feel mechanical in the least—they all have a hand-touched, bespoke, craft-driven quality that is the perfect tonic to this technology-driven, impersonal world. Plus, all of the colorways in the collection work together, so go ahead and mix Bahama Pink with Lemon Grove Yellow or Barbados Green with lacquer Red, and watch your home blossom.

Think exceptional, unique designs married with glorious construction, exceptional customer service, and an eye to practicality. Form meets function. Fabulously. Rooms should never be off limits, and these textiles perfectly speak to the way we live today: John and I have four pound-rescue pups and nieces and nephews and drink heaps of red wine and these fabrics perfectly capture an ease of living.” 

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